I was born deep in the wilds of Anaheim, California back during the last days of the American republic and have done most of my living in the nearby Long Beach area, with lengthy interludes in the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, and parts of Europe. Currently I make my living by teaching anthropology and doing the odd bit of journalism, most famously for the Guardian newspaper in the U.K. When I go home at night and pull off my mask I have the misfortune of being a "serious" writer. Heaping Stones, my first novel, was published by Burning Shore Press in the winter of 2005. This same house will be bringing out Edgewater, my first collection of poetry, in the summer/fall of 2011.

Over the last few years I have largely dropped out of the publishing game and have been concentrating on writing the first two novels of an envisioned trio, which examine the wild-beautiful lives of people living on the Southern California coast many centuries from now, long after the collapse of our current cultural-ecological matrix. If I had to classify these works I would file them under "Anarchist-Eco-SciFi-Adventure." I do not doubt that these books, once published, will overturn our entire decaying social order and cause much naked, flower-wielding dancing throughout the former Western world and beyond.

Rob Woodard
Long Beach, CA