Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stopover in Hora Safakilon

Friday, July 29, 2011—Hora Safakilon, Crete, Greece

A quick stop here in Hora Safakilon, a little port on the southern coast of Crete’s Hania region. It’s kind of a neat looking town, basically a crescent of little hotels and restaurants encasing a harbor and a couple of beaches, with private residences climbing up the hill behind everything. Too touristy for me, though—especially after Gavdos. I get the feeling that Frangokastello will just be a more laid-back version of this, so I’ve decided to skip it and head straight for Lendas.

Sitting down to a quiet (though overpriced) dinner in a restaurant on a cliff overlooking the town’s western most beach. Tomorrow’s 7:00 AM bus can’t come soon enough for me. Gavdos kinds of ruins everywhere else, I’ve noticed—after being there everything on the mainland seems crowded, touristy, expensive, and laden with rules. Hopefully Lendas will offer a refuge …

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