Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little Dream Post

Wednesday, September 26, 2012—Long Beach, CA

Had another odd dream last night. I was at the beach, at an endless beach, which looked a bit like a wilder, much longer, and more crowded version of Huntington Beach. It’s winter, or at least late fall; I can tell this because the air is cool and there’s a big north swell coming in. I also know this because I’m wearing a full wetsuit. I’m heading up and down the long beach because I’m looking for a place to go out. But there’s nothing but big walled-off surf and nasty rip currents where ever I go. There are surfers in the water, but none of them seem to be having much fun; they’re just continually eating it on the big dangerous waves. There are lots of people on the shore watching them.

At some point in this dream I begin panicking because I realize that I don’t have my surfboard with me; I’m afraid I’ve left it on the beach somewhere and it’s been ripped off. I begin combing the beach looking for it. Then I realize that I have a body board under my arm. But it’s about half the width of a typical body board. I realize that riding that trying to ride the big waves that are coming in on this board would be difficult and dangerous. I also realize at around this point that the board also doesn’t have a leash and that I have no fins with me, making dealing with the dangerous surf even more problematic. I don’t remember clearly what happens after this. I do remember that various events keep keeping me from hitting the water. This doesn’t surprise me. Back when I used to surf regularly I used to have tons of dreams where I’m at the beach, I’m trying to go surfing, and something keeps getting in my way. A common issue is that it’s the evening and I can’t quite make it out before it gets dark. I think that may have occurred in this most recent surf dream too—I have a vague feeling it did—but, like I’ve said, I can’t remember for sure.

Strange restless sleep in general lately, odd, uptight dreams I can mostly remember in just tiny vague fragments. Part of this is because I’m getting up so early for work. It doesn’t matter how early I get to bed when I know I have to get up early I kind of panic on some level and my sleep becomes restless, sometimes debilitating so. My currently erratic sleep patterns are no doubt could be pushing this too. When I become sleep deprived the sleep I do get takes on this panicked quality I just discussed. There are more than these technical issues going on, though. There are some real feeling of frustrations coming out in my dreams (this is based mostly on the feelings I have when I wake up, not direct remembrances of what I’ve been dreaming about, which, like I just said, I’m generally not recalling). I’m not sure exactly what these are, though.

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