Saturday, June 15, 2013

Loutro Photos

Been bouncing around the southwest coast of Crete, Loutro and Sougia mostly. Been alternating between some fairly challenging hiking with lounging on the beach. Haven't felt like writing much.

Loutro is one of those little resort areas that used to be a fishing village, which are basically carved out of the base of the mountains. It's very pretty, but kind of dull. It's also a little too fancy for my taste (it wasn't too expensive, but I bet the prices go way up when things start getting busy). Still it was very pretty, relaxing. Not the most interesting clientel (mostly middle-aged Germans). You also have to hike an hour a way to get to a decent beach - and it's only decent, not great.

Speaking of hiking, I did hike the E-4 trail from there almost to the next town to the east, Hora Safakilon (I went about 3/4 of the way, but then the trail, which moved thru some beautiful but harsh scenery dumped out on a concrete road that went the rest of the way in - no point in hiking that). Also hiked the other way on the same trail, thru what's got to be some of the driest, harshest land on the island. Stunning but spooky ...

View From My Room in Loutro

E-4 Trail West of Loutro

Coast East of Loutro - Notice the E-4 cut into the side of hill

I'm Pretty much done drinking beer in my life, but man this one tasted good after hiking

Next post - Sougia.


Germana said...

OMG we hiked the E4 last year from Agia Roumeli to the little byzantine church of Agios Pavlos, and it was really stunning but scaring :) I beg Christophe to take the boat to reach Loutro where we spent two lovely days :)

Rob Woodard said...

Yeah, those south coast hikes are really tough (beautiful but tough).

It looks like I'm going to be back in Crete a little earlier than I though. Any idea when/where you two are going to be there?