Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2 - A Little Out of Sorts

Saturday, June 4, 2011—Hania, Crete, Greece

A touch bummed out. Hania, for the time being at least, is not my kind of town. Noisy, touristy, (at least the part I’m in). Ramshackle old Venetian buildings that are aesthetically pleasing line the waterfront, but the shops and restaurants of the tourist row(s) make the place like a more reasonable version of Waikiki, with an inferior beach. I’m itching to get out to someplace quieter, slower, where I can meet people and ease into this country a bit more.

I must admit that I’m feeling a bit more than a bit of culture shock, far more than expected. I’ve been off the road a long time; I haven’t made a major trip outside of the U.S., outside of California, in twelve years. Being pulled out of my comfort zone after so long is proving to be traumatic. I’m also remembering how much trouble I have relating to Europeans in certain ways; they don’t make eye contact and smile like Americans do (they will stare at you like you’re a specimen on a petrie dish, though). Being surrounded by these people is making me feel isolated, alone, weird. I’m wishing I had a travel partner of some kind – a very unRob-like statement to make.

OK, enough of this emoting. I’m sure ‘ll look back on this entry—these early entries—as just the result of struggling to gain a foothold in a new cultural situation. Once this foothold is gained I’m sure I’ll be fine and really start enjoying this trip.

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Meow said...

Don't let those little things creep in too much, the cold stares and all those things maybe not so bad after all. It will make it all very special later when a new friend ask "How are you?" along with a warm smile, because then you know it's genuine that they actually do care and want to know how you are doing. We are so used to hear and say "Hi, how are you doing today" everywhere we go,we actually forgot the meaning of it. It's like blowing bubbles, fascinating with all the pretty color but it's empty. Hmm, probably should take out that part to stay on the bright that's me and my "Socrates wanna be" style coming out again. Good intention though.Smile...Good night from Irvine 2 am. JC