Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stuck Inside of Paleohora with the Sougia Blues Again

Wednesday, June 22, 2011—Paleohora, Crete, Greece

Learning a little something about Crete’s south shore: the wind really has a lot of say in things down here. Yet again it has kept me from heading to where I want to go. I woke up early this morning to get ready to head out to Sougia and the wind was blasting. So no boats to Sougia from here today, or to anywhere else. I could have taken a bus there, but I couldn’t see much point in that. It’s so windy that going to the beach and the like is not really much of an option—and beaching it is pretty much all there is to do in Sougia. So all I’d be doing would be trading sitting inside here for sitting inside there, while adding the hassle of moving—bah!

Heading up to Hania tomorrow to meet up with Katie. Hoping the wind doesn’t fuck up her short time here in Crete.

I have decided to alter my plans a bit. Everybody I run into—EVERYBODY—keeps telling me that I must go to Santorini. Even though it’s touristy and expensive it’s supposed to be so spectacular that those drawbacks are canceled out. Santorini is part of the Cyclades group of islands, which in general are more expensive and visited than other Greek islands. Because of this, I feel it’s better to go there before going to the Dodecanese, which were to be my next stop, so I can hit these costly and crowded islands earlier in the season when things are more reasonable on both accounts.

So, once I’m done with Crete, instead of heading to its eastern port of Sitia to catch a boat to Rhodes, I’ll be heading north to Iraklio (Crete’s biggest City and I think the third largest City in Greece) to catch one to Santorini. From there I’ll head north thru the Cyclades (which islands in this group other than Santorini I'm going to visit I'm still figuring out) and then over to the northern Dodecanese. I’ll then filter down thru these islands to Rhodes and then from there back to Crete, thru Sitia.

I’ll probably spend the rest of the day researching these changes, as it’s too windy to do much else.


Anonymous said...

All good! Flexibility!


Anonymous said...

It's really a good thing that you do have so much flexability, with all the bad/strange luck you've had with the weather. Santorini is beautiful, one-of-a-kind scenery. We stayed in Kamari, on the east coast which was cheaper and quieter, but it sounds like you need some habitation. The boat trips to Akrotiri and Thirasia are worth it, even if it's just for the views. Also the sunset from Oia is a must!! Wiki

helicopter steve said...

Damn, I had gotten behind on your trip and just read the last two weeks. For sure hoping the illnesses and anxiety/depression are done with. It's compelling reading nonetheless...but damn.

Anonymous said...