Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Windy Gavdos, Windy, Windy

Monday, June 20, 2011—Gavdos Island, Crete, Greece

Wind continues. No boat this morning. Therefore I’m still here in Gavdos. Though it seems to be blowing as hard as the previous couple days, I’ve been told that there will definitely be a boat heading out at 9:00 AM. I really hope this is true. I am officially ready to move on.

Because of a combination of laziness, fatigue, and the fact that the wind is making everything outside a bit difficult and unpleasant, I just hung around the room the first half of the day, putting journal entries onto my netbook and then reading a bit. Around one-thirty I began to get restless, so I decided to head over to a beach just past Korfos, just to check it out. It turned out to be a pretty sad place, filled with trash, plastic bottles and other plastic items mostly, along with things such a car parts(!). Though it involved a bit of tricky coastal rock-hopping to get there, the trip out didn’t really take me all that long. Since it was still fairly early I decided to head over to beautiful Agios Ioannis Beach to get the trashy beach out of my mind, so to speak, and also to cool off with a swim. After getting back from there I showered and crashed for a couple of hours.

And that was my day. Like I said, I’m more than ready to leave here; I’m out of things I want to do, other than thang out at the beach, and the wind is taking a lot of the fun out of that.

Not much else to report. My anxiety attacks have turned into short, swooning depressions. A lot of tough, weird stuff is going thru my mind at times. The natural outcome of finally getting off the crazy treadmill of endless work and finally having time to think about things. I don’t want to emphasize these moments, though—they’re a minor component of something that is overall quite positive, quite wonderful.

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